Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well, hello, internet. My name is Chana, and I am exactly the kind of person who would have a blog, which is to say opinionated, politically aware and angry. I make no apologies and give no justifications. This blog is really, mostly, for my father, who doesn't deserve to wake up every morning and face multiple, barely coherent, inordinately long blocks of text in his inbox from my midnight mental meanderings. I happen to have lots of thoughts, including thoughts about thoughts, and this seems like a convenient way to express them. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure how I feel about making this public. I've never shied away from making my opinion known and accepting the consequence of leaving myself open to criticism, but this is rather permanent. I've dabbled in blogging before, once to make a reverse wishlist so that my family could tell me what they wanted as presents (I'm sure I made room to tell them what I wanted, too), I used to have a communal blog with some friends, and I occasionally post notes on facebook. But here I am, taking the plunge and having my own blog.

For the record, I may not express my opinions and thoughts entirely rigorously, especially if I'm just dying to let them out, but I'll do my best. Enjoy.

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