Thursday, July 1, 2010

Naturalism is a Badass Worldview

So, in the last post, I talked about naturalism more as a philosophy (an epistemology and an ontology) than as a worldview, so I was never able to put in this mini-paragraph, and I liked it so much I felt like I had to put it somewhere.

So, ecco qua:

My worldview isn’t entirely based on naturalism, but if it were, I’d have to say I wouldn’t mind all that much. This is a fully functional system with values of intellectual integrity, and basing ideas and opinions on physical, observable, replicable evidence which manifests itself in a shared search for knowledge if you're being lofty and a badass scientific method that has spanned centuries and advanced society in uncountable ways if you're not, and even that's still pretty grandiose. And it can boast centuries of almost unmitigated success.

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  1. To quote Edward Feser, naturalism isn't a badass worldview. It's just a back-assward worldview. :)